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The main objective of the eMAP (electromobility scenario based Market potential, Assessment and Policy options) project (2012-2015) was to analyse feasible deployment paths of electric vehicles for the time horizon until 2025-2030. This was done using a scenario based market model which specifies consumer demand and market supply of electromobility.

Socio-economic impacts of deployment of electromobility on greenhouse gas emissions, local emissions, transport costs, energy supply safety and technological change in industry and economy were evaluated under various scenarios: business-as-usual, technology-driven and policy-driven scenarios for Finland, Germany, Poland and the EU. Political support actions and strategies of electric vehicles were identified and their impacts on the deployment paths analyzed and evaluated. In the end, recommendations for political strategies were be derived. The research process and its detailed results are reported in the eMAP deliverables.

The eMAP project was realised under the trans-national call Electromobility+, where public funding from involved national and regional authorities is complemented by funding from the European Commission within the framework of ERA-NET Plus. For a thorough listing of the eMAP research and funding consortium, see Partners

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