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Updated: August, 2015

eMAP Final Event

The final event of our project took place in May 2015. The eMAP results were presented and discussed, including electromobility market scenarios, consumer survey, socio-economic impacts and policy conclusions.

Presentations of the event are available for download.

The eMAP Final Event was held right before the Electromobility+ conference; both events hosted at the premises of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in Berlin, Germany.

    Members of the eMAP consortium, from left to right: Dr. Christoph Schimeczek (DLR), Dr. Judith Kurte (KEC), Felix Heinl (BASt), Dr. Klaus Esser (KEC), Matthias Klötzke (DLR), Dana Gruschwitz (infas), Heidi Auvinen (VTT).

    Opening of Final event / Welcome by project coordinator Dr. Jan-André Bühne (BASt, in the middle), Dr. Christian Schlosser (BMVi, left), Norbert Schuldt (BMVI, right).

    Audience of the event.

    Presentation of eMAP results for Germany, from left to right: Felix Heinl (BASt), Dr. Christian Schlosser (BMVI), Dr. Jan-André Bühne (BASt), Matthias Klötzke (DLR), Dr. Judith Kurte (KEC).

    Panel Discussion of eMAP findings, from left to right: Dr. Stephan Schmid (DLR), Dr. Christian Schlosser (BMVI), Petteri Haveri (Finnish Energy Industries), Jakub Murawski (NCRD), Julia Levasier (ADAC).

    eMAP presentation at the Electromobility+ Event